Drive at 16

Starting your driving experience at 16 years old is fast becoming very popular. The idea is to give you a head start for when you become 17 and generally leads to gaining your full driving licence a little sooner than those having no experience before their first on-road lesson.

Driving Lessons

You can have as many or as few of these lessons as you like, but our driving instructors are all highly qualified and trained to judge your ability and advise you on the amount of driving lessons you may need to take.

Your Personal Guide

We will guide you through the controls of the car, moving away and stopping safely, steering, clutch control, gear changing and the manoeuvres you may be asked to demonstrate on your driving test.


The driving lessons take place at the Isle of Wight College on Saturday mornings. If you would like to know more about our ‘Start At 16’ Course, please contact one of our driving instructors.